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Sample Libraries - Film Sound Design - Synthesizer Voicing - VST Instruments
Klaus P. Rausch's Back In Time Records designs, develops and markets fine acoustic and electronic instruments and sound effect sample libraries and VSTs since 1995. The soundware is sold as downloadable products and optional on DVD/CD. Perfectly recorded, edited and categorized. All sounds and samples are designed and programmed for easiest plug & play and includes Synthesizer Presets and OEM products for musical instrument manufacturers and their factory voicing demand. Also available: Know How books and custom sounddesign for film soundtrack, computer animation and game.
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Heliosphere About me
Details Sound Research & Development informations and history, production quality, references.
bitr023.jpg This is the new flagship in the pad sound library category. Carefully produced wide atmospherical scenes, plain pads, multi-modulated. Layered with natural environs and special effects. Vintage analog synthesizers and contemporary digital sound sources.
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Factory Content for manufacturers
The Complete Sample Libraries Catalog
Acoustic instruments from Grand Piano to Orchestrals and Ethnics. Vintage Keys from Solina String Ensemble to Minimoog and Matrix 12. Classic and new sounds, loops, SFX and percussions. Available as download product, optional on CD/DVD. bitr035.jpg Provider of factory content for Clavia, Pianoteq, Hammond-Suzuki and others. Find out more about the sounds I have contributed to manufacturer's products.
Plus special editions for Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion, Waldorf Blofeld, Edition Unikum and more. I am available for trade shows, Sound Presets and sample library productions, owner's manuals, books, workshops, consulting.
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Korg Kronos Soundware Film Sounds
bitr024.jpg Sophisticated sounddesign for film, broadcast and special sound effects for music production.
Kronos Italian Orchestra, SynthChoir, the full range Best of Vintage Keys series, Cool Keys 60s & 70s, taped, RMk1 -Rhodes Suitcase 73 Ralph Maten-, Weltreise, The Rock Keyboarder, 80s, My Minimoog Classics, taped, Flächenwerk, MyAndromeda, Sounds for Images and Psycho Strings. Sample libraries and Program Presets collections. And the Kronos Analogic system.
Orchestrals, electronic soundscapes, ethnic instruments, voices, prepared piano, unusual instrument and sound effects.
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Alesis Fusion Soundware Edition Unikum
Unusual and rare instruments - this is the sample library series "Edition Unikum". Pianoharp, Garrahand, Polyphonic Didgeridoo, Glasses and more.
bitr044.jpg A large variety of Sample Libraries and Program Presets for Alesis Fusion Workstation. Over 20 different products available: The new Fusion Analogic, ROM-Expansion 3.0, Grand Piano, MyOrchestra 4.0, World Instruments, MyMoog, Otherworld, Ultra Synth, The CS80, and many more! Also the how-to book: My Fusion Secrets.
Format: NI Kontakt
Vintage Keys Series Sample Libraries for Vintage Sampler
bitr027.jpg The real Vintage Keys legends available as sample libraries: Yamaha CS80, Elka Synthex, Polivoks, Oberheim Matrix 12, Minimoog, PPG Wave 2.2, Roland Jupiter 8 and many more. Special samples for Akai-format compatible samplers, memory efficient sounds, several sound categories. On CD-ROM.
New: The Audio Sampling CD is back!
Formats: NI Kontakt, Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion
Acoustic & Electric Pianos ManyOne Deluxe 2.0 VST
bitr026.jpg Acoustic and Electric Pianos: The Konzertflügel, Songwriter Piano Mix, Hohner Clavinet/Pianet Duo, Hohner Electra and more. bitr036.gif Easy to use sample-based software synthesizer for Mac and PC. Large 4.2 GB sample content plus 450+ Presets.
11 additional sample library expansions from Matrix 12 to Eazy Synth available!
Format: NI Kontakt
Also: TSW The Second Wave 2.0
vox'd 2.0
ManyOne EazySynth
Sample Librarys for Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer Sound Presets
Sample libraries for the stunning Waldorf Blofeld keyboard and desktop powered with the License SL: Maschinenzeug, Unterwelt, Kunstsprech, Wellenformen #1 and #2, Klonk, Klavierzeug, Attack Samples.
bitr045.jpg Presets and Waveforms for Synthesizers: Alesis Andromeda, Creamware Minimax ASB and Pro-12 ASB, Arturia Origin, Native Instruments Absynth, Roland JD800, Minimoog, Korg Trinity and more.
Minimoog Classics Series Sample This! Third Edition
100+ patch charts book for the legendary Minimoog and his emulation Arturia Minimoog V, the Creamware Minimax ASB and the modular synth Arturia Origin. Including Audio CD and additional soundbank. Created over years and perfectly handwritten on graphical charts by the acclaimed soundcreator and Minimoog expert Klaus P. Rausch. Also available as sample library in the formats Korg Kronos and Alesis Fusion.
bitr042.jpg The definitive sampling guide, now available as third edition (english language) printed book. Incl. the great TSW VST (for Windows PC). Everything about sampling, software editors and modification of samples, organizing library archives, practical production tipps and more.
DX7 Fibel V.3
Die DX7 Fibel ist wieder da! Bereits 1985 erschienen, wurde sie 2002 neu aufgelegt - und ist ab Februar 2015 in verbesserter Form als Version 3 erhältlich. Spiral-gebundenes Buch mit 48 praktischen Soundbeispielen, dazu ein 10 Seiten PDF mit Fotogalerie und mehr, sowie als Bonus 2 Soundbänke mit teils völlig neuen und bislang unveröffentlichten DX7 Sounds.