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Movie Sounds - Special Sound FX - Sonic Landscapes
Sophisticated sounddesign for motion pictures, broadcast purposes, computer animation, games, ambient music and special sound effects for any musical style. Created with the experience of many years of sound.
Orchestral tunes, electronic soundscapes, ethnic instruments licks, loops and scenes, weird acoustic instrument sound effects, voices, prepared piano and more.
The sample collections are available in the universal WAV format that can be read with nearly every sampleplayer. Some of them are also available in format NI Kontakt.
These products are downloadable (optional DVD or CD).
Lautmalerei 3.0
-Orchestral Wild Takes-
The entire orchestra as sonic-drawing unit - perfect for every kind of cinematic music style. Use it as handy tool for large movie soundtrack production or even weird computer animation. Lautmalerei underscores, punctuates and emphasize each visual scene. Lautmalerei is now available as a updated version 2.0 with optimized audio editing and new orchestral scene entries.
We recorded the scenes, phrases and hits with three different orchestras in three concert halls. Long and dynamic and evolving tone structures up to 30 seconds length and even more. But also short accents, orchestral hits, swells and slides. Natural acoustic of the original concert halls, not replacable with electronic reverb simulations. Additional memory-efficient construction kits for quick score writing purposes. Completely recorded in stereo.
With this sample library you get access to legato chords in decent length up to 30 seconds and even longer, staccato lines, cluster, swells and counterrotating soundscapes. Thanks to a comprehensive documentation PDF you get a decent written description at a glance. No time consuming search for specific phrases and runs. Many samples are provided in several root keys, no need for any time stretching or compression.
For details, video clip and audio demo please check the Lautmalerei 3.0 product page
Lautmalerei 3.0 product page youtube clip #1
youtube clip #2
The Traumstadt
Wide horizon soundscapes, technoid and industrial drum- and percussion loops, reverse stinger effects, long evolving sonic scenes - this is The Traumstadt. Mystic and weird atmospheres, hard hitting beats, pulsating rhythm effects.
The Traumstadt includes scenes with length until 30 seconds and longer. Usually the end is a smooth fade our or an ending. Also the loops are 8 or 16 bars, in some cases created as construction kit and so called build up versions and the sample name already provides the bpm for quick search and found.
1.1 GB library, entirely recorded in stereo, format WAV.
youtube clip mp3 #1 mp3 #2
EUR 59.00
bitr124.jpg Otherworld 1
This is the perfect sound collection for all friends of fantastic synthetic soundspheres coming from the Otherworld. Created by using several sound from analog vintage synths to latest fx plugins as well as very experimental sounddesign with samples.
Shaped Filters and LFOs, Arpeggiators, bit crushers, enhancer and resampling analysers: the results are definitly "other world". Atmospheres wild and aggressive as well as calm and peaceful, evolving and pulsating droners, superfat layers and rhythmic synth effects, unheard FM percussives and bells and totally scary special sound effects. Perfect for all kinds of music as special ambience, sound effects, weird tone colors, movie soundtracks and scenics atmospheres. Each sample and Preset is really versatile too for producing a large number of different sounds!
900 MB sample library
youtube clip mp3 #1 mp3 #2
EUR 39.00
bitr123.jpg SciFi Machine
SciFi Machine provides all those special sound effects you expect when thinking about SciFi. Ambient atmospheres, movie sound arts, short stingers and long evolving scenes and breathtaking sonic adventures. A single Preset can be a journey through time and space and deliver the sound accent for contemporary musical styles. A wide range from warm harmonic washes to cold and bizarre tonal structures.
Everything this is done with sources from analog legends, digital modifiers as well as natural sounds, orchestrals, human voice and acoustic instruments. Dive into multicolored tone liquids and fly away with wings made of harmonics.
700 MB sample library
youtube clip mp3 #1 mp3 #2
EUR 39.00
bitr122.jpg Movie Spheres 1
Sonic adventures, sound ambience, unusual effects - everything perfect for movie purposes. Created with latest synthetic gadgets and also with legendary vintage gear to provide character, presence and dynamics. Full stereo recordings. Library size 230 MB.
youtube clip mp3
EUR 39.00
Weird, unusual, scary - this is eevil. Cinematic soundscapes for every frightening soundtrack.
Usually the sounds are long, sometimes up to 30 seconds and the sample library provides the categories Eylsian Drum Scape scenes, multi-synthesis scenes and vocal effects. All them within the range nasty, fatal, wicked, sinister and bad. Sometimes more or less.
Details on extra page
Prepared Piano
Numerous special effects: Flageolets, Chords, Cluster, Glissando, Plektrum Tones, large sonic collages, Hammer Noises, Piano Details and more. Perfect for Film-Soundtracks. Short hits, tunable for rhythmic grooves. Musical Accent Evolving Scenes. Micing: Room and Direct.
Glissando Scrapes, Hammer Noise, Plektrum Tones
Chainy Tones, Tough Strings
Cluster, Chords, Multi Scrapes, SoundScenes
Piano Rooms (Stereo)
Special string preperations and unusual key and string hits. This is how we did the Grand Piano special effects.
EUR 29.00
Also available:
Prepared Piano XL version with more samples and sound categories.
bitr126.jpg EDS Sphere
Now for a really unusual sonic landscape sample library, created with the Elysian Drum Scape voltage controlled synthesizer.