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About me
Welcome to Klaus P. Rausch's Back In Time Records Sound Research & Development! I am doing this since the mid 80ies.
I am developing sample libraries and synthesizer sound Presets for musical instrument manufacturers Alesis, Clavia, KARO Sound and Korg, Sonic Reality, Steinberg, LinPlug, Image Line, Elektron, Arturia and more.
Some of my sound design work is also available through this website.
I am available for:
Factory voicing
Sample content development
Synthesizer programming Analog, FM, PM
Cinematic sound effects production
Technical books and articles
Typical oldschool keyboard player: Piano, Synthesizer, Rock Organ.
Trade show presentation and booth attendance
Hands-on seminar
youtube channel
Product workshop (video, text)
myspace page
Musical Director I'm running a project studio with hand picked hardware keyboards and studio equipment and several computers (Mac and PC) with software synthesizers, sampleplayer, effect plug ins, sound design tools, sample editing programs, video editing and communication tools. Recordings are also done in several external studios using vintage amps, rare hardware effect devices and modular synthesizer systems.
Instrumentalist: Synthesizer, Piano, Rock Organ, Guitar, Woodwinds
Music and audio production Live and Studio
References sounds Complete Bio and Reference List PDF on request
Project impressions:
ems_synthi_1.jpg harmophon.jpg kpr_ppg_recording.jpg energy_chimes.jpg
bitr198.jpg kpr_casio_video_workshop.jpg bitr193.jpg moog_theremin.jpg
piano_harp_2.jpg bitr195.jpg bitr196.jpg kpr_project_studio.jpg
kpr_bell_portugal.jpg bitr190.jpg bitr194.jpg bitr197.jpg
rhodes_chroma.jpg bitr191.jpg roland_jupiter_80.jpg bitr189.jpg
bitr188.jpg bitr192.jpg kpr_arturia_origin.jpg bitr199.jpg
Sometimes I am asked why my sound laboratory's name is Back In Time Records. Here is the answer:
The movie "The Time Machine" impressed me a lot when I was a child. In the following years I collected this kind of time ride movies. No wonder that the "back To The Future" trilogy from Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale is one of my favorites.
bitr201.jpg Interested in informations about the BTTF trilogy? Here are some quite cool links:
Back To The Future Movie Prop Archive
Kristen Sheley´s Back To The Future Page
The Back To The Future Tour
"The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.
Online Version