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Factory voicing
I am doing factory voicing for musical instruments manufacturers since many years. The contribution to new hardware and software products is sample content as well as Sound Presets. Reference list below.
If you are manufacturer and interested in licensing my samples or need new produced exclusive content or sound Presets, please contact me here:
For my other music industries services, please click Details below.
Sample content for Hammond-Suzuki instruments Sample Library: Matrix 12 selection, Power Synth Stacks, Orchestral Strings, Layer Synths.
Released 2014, 2015
Sample content for Clavia Nord instruments Sample Library: Fairlight CMI IIx, several Vintage String Ensembles, the best legendary synthesizers from Matrix 12 to Yamaha GS1, Ethnic Instruments, Electric Bass as well as special designed sound creations.
Released 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015
bitr205.gif Sample library w/Presets for Korg Kronos, produced in cooperation with KARO-Sounds. 10 Korg vintage keys of fame: PS3100, Delta, Lambda, PE2000, Symphony O3, SG-1D, Poly 800, PE1000, EPS-1 and PS3200.
Released 2013
Stroke Machine by Franke Music, an iOS App developed by Wolfram Franke, available at Apple's app-store. I provided over 300 drum and percussion samples for the internal factory content.
Released 2013
Hohner Electra-piano, Pianet N and Pianet T, audio models and Presets.
Released 2015
Sound Presets "The Klaus P. Rausch Collection" factory content for Modartt's Pianoteq 4.
Released 2013
halion4_logo_small.jpg Sample content for Steinberg HALion 4 VST Sampler & Sound Creation System.
Released 2011
bitr218.jpg Presets factory voicing for Hollow Sun Novachord.
Released 2010
bitr215.jpg Sample content for Sonic Reality/IK Multimedia USA SampleMoog.
Released 2009
Presets factory voicing for Devine Machine OTR88.
Released 2009
Sample content for eSoundz Cinema Symphonic Effects.
Released 2008
Sample content for Steinberg Cubase 5 VST instruments.
Released 2008
Presets factory voicing for Creamware Minimax ASB.
Released 2006
bitr217.jpg Presets factory voicing for Steinberg HALion One VST.
Released 2006
Presets factory voicing for Alesis Fusion.
Released 2005
Sample content for LinPlug SaxLab.
Released 2004
Sample content for Soundburst Ethnosphere.
Released 2004
Presets factory voicing for Arturia Minimoog V synthesizer.
Released 2004
muse_research_receptor_small.jpg Presets factory voicing for Muse Research Receptor.
Released 2004
Sample content for Dashsignature EVE -Electronic Vintage Ensemble- VST.
Released 2004
Presets factory voicing for Image Line Sytrus synthesizer.
Released 2004
Presets factory voicing for VirSyn Cube synthesizer.
Released 2003
Presets factory voicing for Alesis Ion synthesizer.
Released 2003
Sample content for Sonic Reality/IK Multimedia USA Sonic Synth.
Released 2003
Preset factory voicing for Elektron Machinedrum.
Released 2002
bitr220.jpg Sample content for Sonic Reality World Traveler.
Released 2002
Presets factory voicing for Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesizer.
Released 2001
bitr219.gif Sample content for Apple/Emagic EXS24 and EXSP24 sampler.
Released 2001
More factory voicing and sample content contribution:
Dashsignature daAlpha (2003), Image Line Studio Producer Tools and European Folk Instruments (2003), Dashsignature EMM Knagalis (2003), Akai (D) Producer Tools Vol.1 (2000), Elektron Sidstation (1998), Korg Z1 (1998), Korg Wavestation AD (1997), Masterbits Rapsody (1994, Masterbits Tekkno Trax (1994), Masterbits Dance Trax (1994), Masterbits DX-Classics (1994) and more.